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High-speed Camera Robotic Arm by THE MARMALADE

Posted on July 6, 2012 in Cinematography, Technology

High-speed Camera Robotic Arm by THE MARMALADE

What you see in the videos below are actually NOT computer-generated imagery (CGI). The amazing shots are actually done by a high-speed robotic arm that is attached to a camera. The guys from THE MARMALADE, a high-end commercial production company in Germany, have figured out a way to incorporate cinematography, computer science, computer, electrical, and mechanical engineering into one machine, which has the ability to control the camera’s focusing, zooming, and its position in all 3 directions. Everything is cool in slow motion, and I’m a huge sucker for everything macro. The results are so mesmerizing, I’ve watched the videos a few times before posting this entry.

Be sure to check out the last video, which has some of the behind the scenes.

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