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I’m not a Fan of [FRAMED] Show Network’s Passport

Posted on July 10, 2012 in Personal

I’m not a Fan of [FRAMED] Show Network’s Passport

[FRAMED] Show Network is an amazing organization which consists of talented photographers and videographers. These people go out of their way to interview other inspiring,¬†emerging and also well-established photographers and videographers, so that we all have the luxury of watching these outstanding professionals work behind the scenes, and how they got to where they are today. I used to watch every single one of their episodes on Youtube, until now that they’ve implemented the Passport.

Passport is nothing but an authentication process wherein your create an account on their website to access the [now] exclusive content. Up until some time before July 2012, you could watch their videos for free on their Youtube channel. For some reason, they only post the trailers of the episodes on Youtube nowadays. To actually watch the episode, get Passport or GTFO.

“So why is Passport bad?”, you ask. Well, it’s bad for various reasons. First, I don’t want to sign up for another service to watch. Sure, their Terms of Use has no indication of what they do with your information, which could be a bad thing for all we know, but do we really need to manage more online accounts than we already have? Moreover, I really don’t trust how they’d handle my account information. Take a look back at the past few years, there have been a lot of security breaches that happened to a good number of big companies, including Gawker Media, DOJ, Linkedin, Match.com, FBI, CIA… you name it. I have a couple of “burn” emails and passwords that I cycle and reuse when signing up for random services, but why put a barrier around your content for those who just want to watch the videos? I’m very paranoid when it comes to security, so this wouldn’t fly with me.

Judging by the complexity of their website, I’m sure they could’ve integrated the authentication process via Facebook, Twitter, or even OpenID. Why not make everyone’s life easy and improve user experience by simplifying the authentication process?

Some of you may argue that it’s a free service, so take it or leave it. I’m in no way taking what they offer for granted; in fact, I very much appreciate the amount of work they put in to post their very rich content. On the other hand, I only wish the content was more easily accessed. Putting a barrier around their content has done nothing but lowering the view counts. I understand they need to be able to track analytics, ads and performance for financial purposes, but Google and its Youtube offer a great amount of tools so that one doesn’t have to go the extra mile in the wrong direction.

Since I realize I have the option to either take it or leave it, I’ve decided to leave it. I’m sure [FRAMED] couldn’t care less about one single person like me boycotting their service, but I’m almost certain I’m not alone on this topic. Maybe if there are enough people complain, they will make their content public again.

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