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They Became What They Beheld

Posted on July 13, 2012 in Personal

They Became What They Beheld

This video below done by Vi Hart was made for her Youtube audience, but I think the message could also apply for us photographers. Well, she didn’t really make the video for her audience, she made the video for herself; and by doing so, she advertently creates an audience that follows her. Confusing? Kind of. It’s only but a way of saying you should create art that you enjoy making, for yourself, not somebody else. I must admit, when I first started taking photos with my camera, I paid a lot of attention to how many views the photos would get, how many comments, and how people would judge/react to what I was posting. At some point, though, I stopped looking at the numbers and the statistics. I take photos because I enjoy doing it, and if you happen to like my work, very cool; if you don’t, that’s cool too. My work sucks, I know it, and I know you think it, but I’m proud of my work, and I know there’s a lot of room for improvement. For myself. By myself.

“Artists don’t address themselves to audiences; they create audiences. That artist talks to himself out loud. If what he has to say is significant, others hear & are affected.” – Edmund Carpenter, in his foreword to ‘They Became What They Beheld’

This is a nice way to describe the difference between art and entertainment. Entertainment attracts an audience by making people comfortable – by showing people what they were already expecting to see. Art creates an audience by making people uncomfortable – by teaching a new way of seeing.

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