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Steve Shaw’s Photoshoots for Treat! Magazine

Posted on July 27, 2012 in Fashion, Photography

Steve Shaw’s Photoshoots for Treat! Magazine

A few months ago, I posted a few BTS videos of Steve Shaw, who shot Emily Ratajkowski in April. Steve Shaw is one inspiring England-based photographer who shoots mainly for Treat! Magazine and celebrities. The story of how he got into high-end fashion photography is quite fascinating. Steve started out as assistant at a large photography studio in Manchester. Long story shorts, Steve moved to California a few years later. He then got a job as a photographer in a Santa Ana mall. One day, a man named Brian came in with a photograph of Barbara Streisand and said, “make me look like that”. Steve was not one to disappoint; after 4 hours in hair and makeup, Brian got his wish. Steve presented Brian with a beautiful, soft focus 8×10 and 6 wallet size photos. That moment, as Brian walked out of Glamour Shots a happy man, Steve was convinced he had found his calling in fashion photography. Just like that. Steve is now Editor in Chief for Treats! Magazine.

The first video below is some behind the scenes of Steve’s latest photoshoot with Dorit Swimwear for Treats!, featuring models Amber Arbucci and Alyssa Campanella. In case you were wondering, yes, Alyssa Campanella is the gorgeous 2011 Miss USA pageant.

I found a few other videos that Steve also shot for Treats!, which I’ll include below.

Steve Shaw shoots Brooke Bonelli

Steve Shaw shoots Amy Hixson

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