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$13,238.86 Worth of Camera Equipment Left in a NYC Taxi by Casey Neistat

Posted on August 2, 2012 in Photography

$13,238.86 Worth of Camera Equipment Left in a NYC Taxi by Casey Neistat

Some of us get our gear insured to protect our gear from being lost or broken on the job. Some write their name and number on every piece of equipment they own. Be that as it may, sometimes things happen due to absentmindedness that you can’t prevent from happening. Take, for example, the experience that Casey Neistat had recently. Casey Neistat is a New York-based filmmaker who travels the world for his work. In one of his latest trips, he left a bag full of equipment of more than $13,000 worth in a taxi cab. I could only imagine the feeling he had after realizing what he’d done. I once lost my camera bag of 1 bodies and 2 lenses while I was doing the 365-project a few years ago, and I almost cried on my way back to where I left my bag. Unfortunately, somebody picked it up and never reported it or made an attempt to return it (I also leave my contact info in my bag).

Watch the video below to see what happens to Casey’s luggage.

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