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Timelapse Video “Mystic Sky” by Alex Cherney

Posted on August 6, 2012 in Photography

Timelapse Video “Mystic Sky” by Alex Cherney

Our software developer and a astrophotographer Alex Cherney has just released yet another gorgeous time-lapse video that he shot during his most recent winter holiday. Alex went to Lake Tekapo on South Island of New Zealand over the course of six nights to shoot the mountain peaks, clouds, mist and starry sky of the Tekapo Starlight Reserve in motion. The lights of Lake Tekapo village and passing cars under the blanket of fog made for a very cool foreground.

Matariki (the Māori name for the Pleiades) eluded me due to clouds, full memory card or flat battery until the very last morning at the Church of Good Shepherd. Even then it looked like the fog thickened just before Matariki rose but it cleared up just in time when Jupiter and Venus joined the show.

P.S.: while I was browsing Alex Cherney’s Vimeo, I realized that there was another time-lapse video of his that I’ve never mentioned here before. I’ll post the video right below. It’s called “Red Aurora Australis”.

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