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Back the Kickstarter Project “iCanvas” for iPhone Cases

Posted on August 8, 2012 in Cinematography, Photography, Technology

Back the Kickstarter Project “iCanvas” for iPhone Cases

Photographers and creative minds alike, this Kickstarter project is for you: the awesome custom design “iCanvas” iPhone case. The core idea is for you to be able to upload the photo of your own design, and then have it laser cut or engraved on the back of the iPhone case. The concept isn’t that new, but what’s different about this case is that it “snaps” on. I have experience with other aluminum cases (Element), and the experience was very bad. The damn thing didn’t fit well, it required me to use dedicated hex screws, it had no custom design, and it was expensive.

The iCanvas iPhone case is the complete opposite of what you see on the market right now. You get to design the back of the case, which fits very well and easily. iCanvas is affordable, light-weight, and has a very thin profile. What’s even more interesting is that even if you don’t own an iPhone, or you don’t want a case for yours, you can just back the project, and the creator will reserve a place for you to upload your own art for sale. Remember, you don’t lose a dime until the project is fully funded, so it’s really a win-win-win situation.

Check out the Kickstarter project for iCanvas aluminum iPhone cases HERE.

I was the photographer and videographer for this project. I flew down to Southern California over a weekend and shot the products along with the infomercial video. I must admits, some of the opening scenes do seem a tad cheesy, which I pointed out quite a few times, but I wasn’t the producer, so I had to please the client and let him call all the final shots. With that said, I am mostly happy with the rest of the video. I wish it were a tad shorter, but with the narration and the background music that sounds like “How It’s Made”, you shouldn’t be too bored.

Be sure to head over to the Kickstarter page of the project for iCanvas case for more info.

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