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National Slovak Theater Photoshoot with Benjamin Von Wong

Posted on August 13, 2012 in Photography

National Slovak Theater Photoshoot with Benjamin Von Wong

Guys, this is some awesome behind-the-scene footage of our inspiring photographer Von Wong shooting ballet dancers at the National Slovak Theater. Since the dancers are normally restricted to a set of routines, Von Wong’s shoot was practically an opportunity for the ballerinas to get out, relax, and improvise using their skills and creativity. During the 7-minute video, Von Wong will go over some tips on shooting in public place, and using bracketing under a somewhat overcast sky. He used a 70-200mm to flatten the perspective and create as much of a 2-dimensional view as possible.

You can read Von Wong’s full blog post HERE. Be sure to follow Von Wong’s on Facebook, Twitter, and 500px.

Image credit: Von Wong Photography

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