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Gorgeous Timelapse Videos of London by Mattia Bicchi

Posted on August 16, 2012 in Photography

Gorgeous Timelapse Videos of London by Mattia Bicchi

London-based photographer Mattia Bicchi spent more than 20 hours at White Cliffs, Dover to shoot this awesome time-lapse video below. He spent most of his time walking at night from place to place, and napping while capturing the footage. I really have nothing negative to say about the video except for the fact that it’s too short 🙂 It’s rare that you see the sky that that’s clear, plus the movement of the clouds really adds to it. In the moonrise and the footage after, you can see Jupiter and Venus rising with the moon. You will see absolutely no flickering in the video, so hats off to Mattia.

WhiteCliffs - Dover

London Architecture Time Lapse in Motion

The video below focused on the architecture of London, which he used the Hyperlapse technique and some vertical shoot. It really minds me of the impossible time-lapse video that was shot by the guys from T-Recs. I still have yet to figure out how to shoot hyperlapse; everyone is kind of tight-lipped about it. My best guess is they manually move the camera as they take each still with the help of a tripod of Camtrac, but how they control the speed and interval is a big mystery. One thing I know for sure is it takes a lot of post-processing in After Effects to stabilize, motion control, position and scale.

Wembley Statdium

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