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Vu Hong and Jennifer Tran Engaged at UC Irvine and Laguna Beach

Posted on September 9, 2012 in Photography

Vu Hong and Jennifer Tran Engaged at UC Irvine and Laguna Beach

During the long weekend of Labor Day 2012, I had the honor to fly down Orange County and shoot engagement photos for one of my best friends Vu, whom I’ve known from childhood. I always talk about not shooting for friends, but this is one of the exceptions to the rules, especially when I don’t shoot weddings. Vu and I grew up in the same neighborhood back in Vietnam. We’ve known each other ever since I was 8 years old. I know every member in his family, and he knows everyone in mine. Fast forward almost 20 years after, I ended up shooting for his engagement session in Southern California. I let the couple pick their first location, which is UC Irvine, where it has a sentimental value for the two of them. Vu and Jennifer met each other during their college days, and Jennifer was going to UCI at the time.

The two started out being strictly friends; no one would’ve ever thought they’d be together. It was quite cute and interesting to see love between the couple develop throughout the years. Being a mutual and very close friend of Vu and Jennifer, I can safely say that they are a perfect match for each other. I’m glad they’ve finally decided to tie the knots.

UC Irvine campus is a very good location for shooting engagement photos; being that we were there during summer just made it even better. No one was around, we practically had the entire place to ourselves to roam and shoot. There’s a circular path right in the center of its campus. You could start walking and taking photos until you’ve reach to the point where you started.

We planned our shoot so that we’d have enough time to be done with UC Irvine and then go to Laguna Beach for some sunset photos. I know it’s a bit cliche, but it’s hard to resist the golden hour when you have access to such a nice beach. When we arrived, I noticed that there was a couple who was getting married right there on the spot. I couldn’t help but snapping a few photos for them. I have no idea who they were, nor any way to get in touch with them. If you happen to know them, or know someone who knows someone who might know the mysterious couple, please let me know.

Back to shooting my couple. The sun was finally setting, and the lighting was just gorgeous. I could really see why Jasmine Star always takes her clients there. All you need is a somewhat of private spot and a prime lens, anything would look good straight out of camera. Oh, just make sure you shoot manual. Most of my images were shot between f/1.8 and f/2.8. You can’t go wrong.

Vu and Jennifer wedding will be on the the Saturday of Thanksgiving 2012 week. I won’t be shooting for their special day, but I surely will be in the wedding. Keep an eye out for one of the most handsome groomsmen out there!

More photos from the shoot are located below.

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