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“Chasing the Light” – Short Film Shot with the Nikon D600 by Florian Schulz

Posted on September 16, 2012 in Cinematography

“Chasing the Light” – Short Film Shot with the Nikon D600 by Florian Schulz

Check out the video below that was shot by wildlife photographer Florian Schulz. Florian Schulz was asked by Nikon to put the recently released D600 through its paces. Schulz was the first photographer to test the camera in the field. He and his brother, filmmaker Salomon Schulz, produced this short film, titled “Chasing the Light.” Looking at the specs of the D600, they realized this was an extremely versatile camera. They wanted to test the camera shooting landscapes and wildlife, so they traveled from the deserts of the South West to the mountains of Alaska with the camera to shoot the footage below.

For us photography is a passion that goes far beyond the technical aspects of a camera. It is about experiencing the natural world. In “CHASING THE LIGHT” we wanted to get the feeling across what it is like to head out into the wild to document the natural world. We wanted everybody who likes nature photography to see themselves in this film and say: It is about time I am getting out into the field again. I hope this film does this for you!

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