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“The Lion City” Timelapse by Keith Loutit

Posted on September 19, 2012 in Photography

“The Lion City” Timelapse by Keith Loutit

I’ve seen a lot of tilt-shift time-lapse videos on the internet, but Keith Loutit‘s “The Lion City” video has got to be the most unique one I’ve stumbled upon. The technique that Keith Loutit used is something you have never seen before, guaranteed. The focus effects was done by using lenses wherever possible (large format bellows and classic Rodogon & Nikon lenses), or modified enlarger lenses. You’ll also notice some of the tilt-shift effects that were done in post. This is definitely a must-see.

For ‘The Lion City’, the idea behind the extension of the tilt shift technique is for focus and distance to be something the viewer can experience. It also doubles to communicate the constant heat and humidity that hits you whenever you leave the comfort of air conditioning in Singapore.

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