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‘Creative Retouching Essentials in a Day’ eBook by Julia Kuzmenko

Posted on October 20, 2012 in Photography, Tips

‘Creative Retouching Essentials in a Day’ eBook by Julia Kuzmenko

The good news has finally arrived guys and girls: my good friend Julia Kuzmenko of Omaha Image Productions has released her first ebook, ‘Creative Retouching Essentials in a Day‘. The ebook is suitable whether you’re a professional photographer/retoucher, or someone who’s new to retouching in Photoshop. It includes a lot of good tips and information on basic knowledge, workflow, and advanced techniques to make your images from excellent to perfect.

I’ve had the honor to sit in her retouching class a while ago, and also to proof the ebook before she launched it. I must say, it’s well worth a lot more than the price you pay, $74.28. Better yet, if you sign up to be one of her subscribers, she’ll knock half of the price off for you. You simply just can’t beat that.

For more details regarding what the the ebook has to offer, hit the link to Julia’s ‘Creative Retouching Essentials in a Day‘ product page.


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