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Hurricane Sandy’s Aftermath in the Upper West

Posted on October 30, 2012 in Personal

Hurricane Sandy’s Aftermath in the Upper West

I’ve only moved to New York for a little bit over a month, and we were hit by one of the strongest hurricanes in the history of NYC. Fortunately, I was in a safer area when it hit the fan. That said, our building was creaking, the wind was howling, and the lights were flickering for a good couple hours. At one point, we were so nervous about the situation that we filled up the bathtub with water in case we’d need it later for flushing the toilet if things got bad enough. Thankfully, we never needed it. In fact, the Upper West area was one of the very few that didn’t lose power or water. Phew.

Other people weren’t as lucky as I was. I do realize the damage was more than imaginable. Schools, stores, public transportation, the stock markets, etc… everything is closed until at least Wednesday. Some died, some lost their home, some are still stranded in shelters, or worse yet, their own house where it’s flooded.

My thoughts go out to those who are less fortunate.

When I woke up, things were quite calm outside. I decided to take a walk around my area and check out the aftermath. First, I wanted to check out that boom crane that’s been dangling up on the soon-to-be highest residential building. It seems to have held up quite well.

A lot of people – both locals and tourists – were out in the street. It almost seems as if nothing really happened, especially in the Times Square area.

I spotted this homeless person near the 48th St and Broadway. I really hope he wasn’t there the entire time when the shit was hitting the fan.

On my walk back, I decided to check out Central Park, which I found out was blocked from access. There was this huge tree that was down near the park’s entrance. As far as we were from the hurricane’s eye, things were quite affecte. I can only imagine what people went through in the Zone A area, or areas in the hurricane’s path.

The rest of the images I took are below. They are in no way artistic; I was going for a photojournalistic look. Only main edits were exposure, sharpening, and clarity.

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