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Paul C. Buff AlienBees B800 + Beauty Dish Light Quality Issues

Posted on December 9, 2012 in Personal, Photography

Paul C. Buff AlienBees B800 + Beauty Dish Light Quality Issues

This will be quick post, but I was wondering if any of you guys out there have any problems with the Paul C. Buff AlienBees B800 light quality when attached to a beauty dish. I recently had a beauty shoot at location in the Upper East of Manhattan, and I used a classic clam-shell lighting setup with an AB800 on top and a reflector on the bottom . While I placed the beauty dish right above the talent’s head using an Impact C-stand, I noticed that all my shots came out a bit darker on the top right corner.

It was so pronounced that at one point, I purposely pointed the beauty dish towards the right just a tad, but I still saw the dark spot. I suspected this was due to my nifty-fifty lens, but Lightroom’s lens correction wasn’t able to correct it at all, so I’m convinced that this was a problem with either the beauty dish or the flash unit. Could this be because the dish’s reflector disc wasn’t centered?

I also noticed that my white balance was also a bit off. The AB800 is advertised as 5600K, but my white balance for all shots was more of a 5700K-5800K with a tint value around -20. Is the beauty dish lowering the light quality?

The color balance doesn’t bother me as much as the dark corner on the top right. I understand you can always fix it in post, but I’d much rather get it right in camera. Below is one example from the batch. Is anybody experiencing the same thing I am?

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