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Image is Powerful: Watch Cameron Russell Talk about Being a Model

Posted on December 12, 2012 in Photography

Image is Powerful: Watch Cameron Russell Talk about Being a Model

As a part of a TED series, Cameron Russell, who has been a professional model and walked for some of the biggest names in fashion, advises young women everywhere not to look at modeling as a viable career path. In such bold claims, she gives a look into the fashion industry from the viewpoint of a model.

Cameron Russell has spent the last decade posing as a supermodel. Occasionally she writes about grassroots public art and political power, and experiments with making art for the internet and the street. She is the director of The Big Bad Lab which creates participatory art and media platforms dedicated to including people in radical demonstrations of positive social change.

Aside from the advice within the video, she opens up the world of fashion photography and illustrates how the images that we see are a product of so many creative professionals. This is a great video for other photographers who are either just starting in the fashion industry, for those in other genres, or just a general video that would be engaging for anyone interested in the industry.

via Fstoppers.

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