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Flower Timelapse by Katka Pruskova

Posted on January 14, 2013 in Photography

Flower Timelapse by Katka Pruskova

This time-lapse video is something you’ve never seen before. Photographer Katka Pruskova spent more than 730 hours to shoot a total of  number of 7300 photos using her Canon 5D Mark II. The subjects: the flowers in her mother’s garden. Katka shot the video in a homemade “studio” in a cabinet. She covered the back of the cabinet with black cloth, the flower was placed in the middle, and the whole cabinet was then covered with another cloth to insulate from the daylight (to keep the light constant, which is the most important). Two led lamps were used to illuminate the flowers.

Some flowers bloomed in hours, some in few days.. therefore the interval between photos varies from few seconds to several minutes depending on the type of flower. In order to keep ISO as low as possible, the shutter speed was usually 1/5 s at f16.


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