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Retoucher Amy Dresser Speaks at Luminance 2012

Posted on March 20, 2013 in Photography

Retoucher Amy Dresser Speaks at Luminance 2012

Take about half an hour out of your day and watch the speech below given by Amy Dresser, who’s one of the most talented photo retoucher in the industry. Amy has a great point about her field, her work, and how it’s perceived by photographers and outsiders. Retouchers are like “parasites in the photo industry”, she said. She goes on about the ridiculous requests that she’d get from clients, and how she’d approach the problem. Amy also goes over her workflow and retouching philosophy, which is something I totally agree with. I’ve seen a lot of photos that are so heavily retouched that you no longer see the character of the subject. With Amy, she tries her best to leave the character intact, while removing all the distracting elements that are more visible in a photo.

To check out some before-and-after images, check out Amy’s portfolio.

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