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‘The Making of Natural Beauty’ – Coco Rocha by James Houston

Posted on April 22, 2013 in Photography

‘The Making of Natural Beauty’ – Coco Rocha by James Houston

Coco Rocha has got to be one of the coolest models I’ve seen. Born in Toronto, Ontario, and grew up in Richmond, British Columbia, Coco Rocha started her modeling career in New York in 2004. Ever since, we have seen her face all over big named ads and commercials. I like her because she seems to be a hard working individual with a lot of self-respect and integrity. In fact, she ran into a bit of a problem last year when Elle Brazil magazine went a tad overboard with photoshopping her cover.

Check out this video below for some behind-the-scene footage of┬áJames Houston’s photoshoot with Coco Rocha covers the high-profile model, and the entire studio, in an intense array of colorful powders commonly used during the Hindu Holi festival in India to celebrate the colors of Spring.

Here’s Coco showcasing her modeling skills, striking 50 poses in 30 seconds. Impressive.


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