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“Heart of Vancity” Timelapse by Joel Schat

Posted on April 27, 2013 in Photography, Tips

“Heart of Vancity” Timelapse by Joel Schat

Check out the time-lapse video below called “Heart of Vancity” shot by Canada-based photographer Joel Schat. The video is one of the cleanest I’ve seen. The composition is top notch, the music is epic, the movements are so smooth, and there is virtually none of light flickering. What you’ll notice is that is Joel Schat focuses on shots that involve a lot of change in terms of lighting. How did Joel achieve such looks? It’s a technique called “bulb ramping“, which is done when your camera is in bulb mode, and controlled by an external intervalometer, which will make transitions smooth as silk.

The Heart of Vancity is a portrait of downtown Vancouver. I am always inspired by the city lights at night and tried to find new ways to show off the city’s beauty. This entire film was shot during the winter months which made it very difficult to shoot because of all the rain! I am hoping to explore more of this fantastic city in the future as there are many locations left that I would love to shoot!

Bulb Ramping Tutorial

In case you were wondering how bulb ramping is done, watch the video below for an explanation. Joel has also posted a detailed write-up on his blog.

Here’s another video that Joel shot while travelling in South-east Asia about a year ago.

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