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Relaxing “Karoo Journey” Timelapse by Joe Louw

Posted on April 27, 2013 in Photography

Relaxing “Karoo Journey” Timelapse by Joe Louw

I must have watched this time-lapse video at least 2 two or three times before posting it. From the music to the composition and locations, everything gives you a very relaxing feel about it. Fine-art landscape & time-lapse photographer Joe Louw, who’s based in South Africa, travels around to shoot this video below with his wife, who helped him with carrying the equipment, planning the shots, and documenting the whole trip. In my opinion, that is the best wife any photographer could ever ask for.

As soon as we decided where to shoot first, we didn’t waste any time to unpack our equipment. I don’t think we realized just how much gear we had until we started hiking up these rocky hills, solar panel and all! It took several hikes to get everything up to the spot where we wanted to shoot. And once the shooting started, it didn’t stop.

We had two cameras firing away, mostly one on a Shukuma DOLLY and one on a Shukuma MINI. Much planning is required for any timelapse shots, keeping various factors in consideration and this was no different. I always try to set up at least one dolly for nighttime shooting while there is still sufficient light. It can be quite challenging to set up in the dark, especially when working in uneven terrain and with one camera already exposing. And now try to make your way back to camp.

Journey – by Michael Montes – itunes.apple.com/us/album/filmscores/id378986556

Shukuma DOLLY – timelapsesa.co.za/dolly/shukuma-dolly
Shukuma MINI – timelapsesa.co.za/dolly/shukuma-mini
Merlin telescope head

Adobe Lightroom
LRTimelapse – lrtimelapse.com

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