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Crystal Skies – Epic Timelapse Video by Tom Lowe

Posted on May 24, 2013 in Cinematography, Photography

Crystal Skies – Epic Timelapse Video by Tom Lowe

This video is about as epic as it gets when it comes to time-lapse videos. The original footage was shot by Tom Lowe, one of the greatest time-lapse shooters out there. Tom Lowe released the video in 2012, after spending two years in his Toyota pickup truck driving around the country shooting the video. One of the lesser known facts about the video is that it was soon uploaded onto Bit Torrent networks, and Tom kept a very positive attitude about it. Another element that I think also contributed to the video’s success was the music, which was composed by John Stanford. Here’s a clip from his 50-minute-long video, which can be purchased on his website at http://timescapes.org/.

Make sure you turn on your speakers for this one.


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