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Fstoppers: Success in Photography

Posted on June 5, 2013 in Personal, Photography

Fstoppers: Success in Photography

When Patrick Hall and Lee Morris of Fstoppers attended Gulf Photo Plus of 2013, they had a chance to sit down with some of the most amazing individual in the photography industry and asked them what it means to be successful – not only in the photography business, but also in general. Each of these top notch shooters had some of the most inspiring things to say and advice to give. It’s really video like these that keep me being a huge fan of Fstoppers. At the same time, it’s video like these that make me want to quit my day job and start shooting full time, despite how much I actually enjoy my day job.

Here’s the list of the photographers interviewed (not in any particular order):

– Zack Arias
– Joe McNally
– John Keatley
– Peter Hurley
– Scott Hargis
– David Burnett
– Greg Heisler
– David Hobby

You can jump on Fstoppers’ original blog post and read a full writeup, including Lee’s thoughts about the whole experience HERE.


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