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How to Remove Vimeo’s “More Video” Top Navigation

Posted on February 2, 2014 in Tips

How to Remove Vimeo’s “More Video” Top Navigation

I can’t be the only one who dislike the top navigation of Vimeo; the one that has all the “More Videos” videos, alongside with the Staff Pick. I understand it’s not as intrusive, and it really doesn’t get loaded by your browser until you scroll all the way to the top, but it’s still annoying for every time I scroll. I really couldn’t care less about those things. Finally, I came up with a solution.


The solution requires you to first install AdBlock Plus extension/addon in your browser, if you haven’t already (by the way, there are other lists of ABP to which you can subscribe HERE). Once you have the plugin, navigate to the Options page >> Add your own filter. Here, you can enter the following elements:


Once you’re done, save the settings, and reload your Vimeo video pages. Voila, the top “More Videos” navigation is done. Easy as pie!

This trick also works for when there are other elements that you don’t want to see on websites that you frequent. With ABP, you can just use the “Block Element” tool and point the mouse to the part you want disappear. Watch out, make sure to not over-select the region, as it might make other things disappear too!

Happy browsing.

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