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THE GAP by Ira Glass – Video Illustration by Daniel Frohlocke

Posted on February 2, 2014 in Personal

THE GAP by Ira Glass – Video Illustration by Daniel Frohlocke

This illustration video below is a very nice version of Ira Glass’ speech on storytelling. I’m sure the speech isn’t new to any one of us, as it’s been circulated all over the Internet (even I posted the infographic version of it more than a year ago). What I like about this version is that Daniel¬†Frohlocke, a German videographer, took it to another level and made somewhat of a movie out of it. Here’s some of his words regarding the project:

I think it was at springtime 2012, when I came across David Shiyang Lius lovely piece of work about Ira Glass. It was the most inspiring and motivating video, I have ever seen in my life. I watched it over and over again, listened to Ira Glass’ voice and told myself, that I am not the only person who is constantly disappointed about the gap between ones taste and ones skills. Later on in 2012 I decided to do an own filmed version of Iras interview – use my own language to tell his message. It took me about a year from concept to upload.

I made it for myself and for anybody who is in doubt with his/her creative career. I also think that Ira Glass’ message isn’t only limited to the creative industry. It can be applied to everyone who starts out in a new environment and is willing to improve.

Daniel had also made another nice video a few months ago, called “THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND”. Here it is.


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