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Crystalapse: Frozen in Timelapse by Blue Eden

Posted on March 26, 2014 in Photography

Crystalapse: Frozen in Timelapse by Blue Eden

I seriously can never get enough of these timelapse videos, especially when the music is so epic-sounding like one in this video. Blue Eden, a group of two brothers Patrick Shyu and Henrick Shyu, based primarily in San Francisco and Tokyo, shot this video over 2 weeks in Iceland, March 2014. I really like how the video started out slowly with a few slo-mo clips, but then it picks up the speed about half way in, when we see the majestic Aurora Borealis.

A journey into the shadows of ice caves and lights of the Aurora. The caves are a beautiful blue, awash in glacier-filtered sunlight. And the Northern Lights set the sky on fire – it’s quite a moment standing before something so cosmic.

I had originally imagined this would be a cold and horrible trip, but… the desolate landscape was so simple it was perhaps the most beautiful place I’d been to. That’s not to say it wasn’t cold – especially in the second week, a snowstorm hit and the car got stuck in snow amidst hail and wind. Pushing & hauling were indeed necessary! Drying snow-soaked socks with the hairblower was also fun.

There is a surprise ending. After setting up the tripod, I began to take a photo of ourselves… when suddenly, I “found” something on the ground… 😉 It may not make the ice melt, but almost certainly your heart.


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