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Short Video “Look Up” by Gary Turk

Posted on May 2, 2014 in Personal

Short Video “Look Up” by Gary Turk

I posted this on my Twitter and Facebook, but in case you don’t follow me, watch this beautiful video about the usage of cellphones, devices, technologies, and social networks etc… when we actually forget to connect with people in real life.

When I first moved to NYC, I always took the subway with my headphones on, listening to my music, not paying any attention nor speaking to anyone else. I now purposely leave my headphones at home just so I can watch people and be ready to strike a conversation with anybody.

Most of my friends don’t even hesitate to bust out their phone while being surrounded by other people, and I personally think it’s rude. When I’m out with someone or having a conversation, the company that I’m with will have my undivided attention. I don’t check my phone even when it buzzes.

“We’re a generation of idiots, smartphones, and dumb people.”



  1. caroline May 4, 2014

    lovely message, but oh, that terrible,loud and unnecessary music

  2. Rick Urbanowski May 5, 2014


  3. Rashel Ahmed November 23, 2018

    Awesome video with good article post. Thank you so much.

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