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Watch a Leica M9 Get Built on Video!

Posted on December 30, 2010 in Technology

Watch a Leica M9 Get Built on Video!

The Leica M9 Titanium digital camera that we talked about back in September is a very cool and high-end digital camera for the old-school shooter that wants style and performance. The catch is that the M9 is a crazy expensive little camera with the Titanium version pictured below going for 22,000 euro, which works out to something in the area of $29,000. A “standard” camera from Leica will run you in the $6000 – $7000 range.

I think the cameras look really cool, but there is no way that most of us will spend that kind of money on a digital camera. If you are like me as close as you will get to owning one of these high-end cameras will be reading stories about them and watching the two assembly videos below.

The gang at the Leica factory made up a couple videos to show off their sweet camera and they are good to watch. Check them both out below and feast your eyes on the camera you won’t own.



This has been a repost from Slashgear.com.

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