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Happy Valentine’s Day – Photoshoot with Sac SmugMug

Posted on February 13, 2011 in Photography

Happy Valentine’s Day – Photoshoot with Sac SmugMug

Last Friday would have been a typical Friday for me: leave work, go home, get changed, go out for dinner, etc… I’d actually made a few plans for the night, but I decided to drop them in the last minute to attend the get-together with Sacramento SmugMug group. Thanks to the event, I had a great opportunity to meet up with a number of photographers in my area, and to learn quite a few things from them.

Upon arriving our meeting location, Sacramento Chops Steaks Seafood and Bar, I saw that the organizers had already set up the lighting equipment with a few sets of AlienBees, Profoto, and some DIY stuff. The venue was big, enough for us to have 5 stations set up at different corners, a bar (not open :(), and a hallway. We each divided into groups of 4-5 people and rotated the stations to get a chance to shoot with different lighting and models. Kudos to all the gorgeous models who came out and be good sports.

Below are some photos that I was able to snap during the event. The rest of the images are on my Flickr’s set. I particularly like the ring light in the first shot here. It was bright, small, and very even. I think I might buy one of those and try.


Natalie Regan


And last, but not least, happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Happy Valentine' s Day

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