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A Cosmopolitan Cover Shoot in India by Strobist and Martin Prihoda

Posted on March 6, 2011 in Fashion, Photography, Tips

A Cosmopolitan Cover Shoot in India by Strobist and Martin Prihoda

Check out the below video by Strobist and showcases fashion photographer Martin Prihoda. Martin has relocated his business to India where he continues to produce clean and commercial style images for print. In this video he takes us BTS on his December cover for Cosmopolitan India and gives us a great explanation on how hard and soft light can be used as fill to control the transitions in your shadows.


Per Strobist’s wording:

If you have just watched the video above, I can guess what some of you might be thinking:

Cosmo model, a four-digit light modifier and a camera that probably cost as much as my car. How does this relate to me?

Actually, Martin does a pretty good job of connecting the dots for you on his own excellent blog Atomic Safari — which I highly recommend RSS’ing. To that end, I offer two of Martin’s posts (which will pop up in new windows for ease of back-and-forth navigation):

  1. My Greatest Photography Milestone
  2. The Power of Visualization

There you go.

So you can just sit there and be happy (or unhappy) with the way things are right now, or you can decide to change things up / grow / radically recast your life as a photographer.

You’ll never see the transitions described more starkly than in the two posts above. And if you want a look at what Martin was doing back in his Vancouver days, check out this earlier post with a BTS video of him shooting Delerium.

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