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How To Quickly Style A Model And Location For A Photo Shoot

Posted on March 13, 2011 in Fashion, Photography, Tips

How To Quickly Style A Model And Location For A Photo Shoot

The guys over a Lighten Up And Shoot have created a quick video that shows how they quickly created some very compelling images of a model with very little work. I think its very easy for us to over-think when we are on a shoot but sometimes the easiest answer is the best answer.

Lighten Up And Shoot is a group of two gringo professional photographers that decided to move to Colombia, South America.

Yes, they are not sane.

They decided to start this website because of the complete lack of fun this industry has created. There are a million websites that show how sharp a lens is when shooting a brick wall. How many great megapixels a camera has when shooting a dollar bill. They just don’t care about that stuff.

They are two dudes who simply love to shoot and teach and travel and live life! They understand that there are a million other websites will you will learn photography, and they encourage you to go to each and every one of them.

Their website is dedicated to following their lives as they explore this amazing planet, interact with some weird people and end up shooting them in the end! All of the videos, the tips the places and people are all real! Nothing is staged (except the obvious) and they show it to you as it happens! Kind of like a photography reality show!

Here part 1 of the shoot:

Here’s part 2, they’ll tell you what happened at the end of part 1……..

via fstoppers.

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