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“Paint” – A Fun Photoshoot with Mick Szal by Aram Bedrossian

Posted on March 24, 2011 in Fashion, Photography

“Paint” – A Fun Photoshoot with Mick Szal by Aram Bedrossian

Check out the behind-the-scene video below of for fun shoot with Mick Szal by Aram Bedrossia, who is a fashion photographer/film producer based in San Francisco, CA. Aram Bedrossia currently resides in New York, and is the author of TheArtOfDaydreaming.

These are his words about the shoot:

This is a video I did in collaboration with New York based fashion photographer Lisa Loftus.

Her concept was simple: “use COLOR.”

As always, I had to exaggerate it.

Never underestimate the power of daydreaming.

Full Credits:
Model: Mick Szal (Wilhelmina)
Photographed by Aram Bedrossian
Styled by Carissa Cirino
Hair by Sabrina Rowe
Makeup by Brian Bracero
Assistants: Jaf, Theodore Samuels, Adam Tremblay


These are some images from the shoot, courtesy of Touchpuppet.

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